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If you need coaching support during these challenging times of COVID-19 or you simply want to live a happier, healthier life and find a fulfilling career path you love, our hand-picked Joyful Doctor Coaches are here to help...



Coaching can help you if...

  • Unsettling times have you rattled and anxious

  • You are struggling to cope with life's competing demands

  • You are deciding whether to take a promotion, change roles or make choices about a specialty

  • You are returning from time out of clinical practice

  • You are thinking of a change in career path

  • You want to build a portfolio career

  •  You are thinking of leaving medicine/ your current role

  •  You are approaching retirement or another big change

The Joyful Doctor- Coaching Course- Joyful HQ

Our coaching can help you to...

  • Prioritise the things that matter most to you

  • Cope in uncertain and challenging times

  • Handle the pressures of life

  • Get crystal clear on your goals and aspirations

  • Take steps to where you want to be in life

  • Find more time for the things you love

  • Build the career of your dreams



What Joyful Doctor Coaching clients have to say...

  • The Joyful Doctor

    “I feel like you gave me the confidence to take my career into my own hands”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “In a profession where the challenges are so many and the support so little, the work you are doing is so important”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “I will always be grateful for how much you have helped me”



How does it work?


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We have over 40 experienced coaches who are passionate about helping doctors to live full and happy lives.  All of our coaches offer face-to-face/ online/ telephone coaching sessions and many have special areas of expertise.  We will send you a few recommendations of coaches based on your preferences...


Alternatively you can book directly with one of our wonderful Joyful Doctor Coaches below...

Meet our Joyful Doctor Coaches

Psst! If you're not sure who to pick - we can help you... just get in touch here


Julia Gardner

As an experienced Career and Development Coach, Julia will support you in exploring new perspectives and possibilities and help you to create a path to enjoying better days at work


Dr Kate Little

Kate brings years of experience as a GP and health advocate to inspiring others with their health and career wellbeing, putting you at the centre of your own life again


Dr Tony Woolfson

Tony uses his wide-ranging experience of life, medicine, business, coaching and therapy to reveal what lies below the surface, helping you move towards your goals with ease


Michelle Gooding

Michelle is a GP and Wellbeing Coach who will support and empower you to achieve your full potential in life


Angela Qureshi

Angela is an organisational psychologist who will support you to explore your challenges and choices, to understand yourself better, enabling you to thrive in your work and life


Sarah Goulding

Has your career lost it's zing? Are you feeling bored, fed-up and wondering 'Is this it'? Sarah will help you get your career mojo back!  Want a portfolio career?  Sarah's your coach!


Theresa Davies

Theresa will help you find and remove the blocks which are stopping you from creating a life you love - and she understands how hard this can be!


Dr Grace Castronovo

Grace is here to help empower you to recognise your strengths and achieve your goals to find happiness and success, both in your work and personal life


Emma Monaghan

Stressed or burnt out? Uncertain of where you're going? As a practicing GP and coach, Emma guides you to rediscover your joy and direction so you can love your life again.


Dr Tamara White

Tamara provides a safe and reflective space for unearthing whatever needs to be, in order to allow yourself to be happy, to grow and to shine, on whichever path you choose


Tamsin Betts

Tamsin offers people the time and space to reflect on their situation and empower them to make positive change by setting goals that align with their personal values



Denise Tritton

Denise will help you identify what is important to you, enabling you to unlock your wishes for the future so you can find and maintain a healthy work-life balance



 Emily Fulleylove

Ex-doctor and wellbeing specialist Emily brings her considerable compassion and enthusiasm to help you improve your life, easing any struggle you may have




Dr Amina Shaaban

I am a Forensic Physician based in Yorkshire. I have been a Wellbeing Coach since 2013, and my current focus is on balancing emotions with my clients



Mike Lawrence

Mike is an experienced wellbeing practitioner with a passion for helping people to take back control of their lives, improve their confidence and to feel more motivated


Nicki Doddridge-McCoye

Nicki can help you find the balance, confidence and energy to thrive both in your personal and professional life, no matter what challenges may lay in your way



Michelle Downer

Michelle is an experienced GP, mentor and appraiser, who is passionate about helping you reach your goals in life, supporting you every step of the way


Dr Liz Taylor

Liz is a practicing GP, Appraiser and Coach supporting medics like you who want to avoid burnout, find a better work-life balance, and make informed career/life decisions


Dr Madeleine du Mont

Are you in a position that isn't ticking all the boxes? Through highly empathic and supportive coaching Maddy will help you to discover your value and develop your future


Dr Samantha Powell

Sam will help you live your best life, keeping in touch with your core values.  Having created a life she loves, she's inspired to help you do the same!

Dr Katherine Hickman

Are you a Professional Mum? Then life can be TOUGH! Katherine will support you to smash through the overwhelm, take back control and learn to love your life again.


Dr Helen Eades

So many of us feel scared, trapped and overwhelmed at some point in our life. Helen will help you to get un-stuck, regain control of your life and find sustained happiness.


Geraldine Long

Geraldine offers an empathic and non-judgemental space for you to explore your current situation and feel empowered in your ability to make choices and changes in your life.


Julie Mitchell

Do you want to expand your sense of possibility and realise your true potential? Julie, will support you to uncover your innate wellbeing and increase your sense of happiness and freedom.


Dr Nicky Kiernan

Nicky will help you explore what you want from any area of your life, helping you gain clarity about how you might achieve this with ease


Dr Rachel Milne

If you tend to look after others, often placing your own needs last, then Rachel will help you reprioritize YOU; working together to create true happiness in work and life


Dr Segun Olusanya

Burnt out? Feeling lost? Not sure what your next steps are? Segun is an expert on burnout with personal experience who can truly say 'me too' and 'let’s do this together'


Paul Dorrington

Paul is a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist and Professional Performance Coach who helps people with mental health difficulties to rebuild meaningful working lives


Dr Sara Al-Atassi

Sara is passionate about transforming the lives of professionals, helping you to realise your potential for positive change and empowering you to achieve your aspirations


Nic Malcomson

Nice helps those with emotional challenges.  If you would like to learn new approaches to mental wellbeing Nic would love to help you start feeling more positive about life!


Suzi Finlayson

Trying to manage life as a professional and parent? Suzi will teach you powerful life changing tools to help you truly thrive and confidently navigate through life


Dr Adam Harrison

Adam is a GP and specialist leadership coach who can help you change and/or develop your career, deal with being bullied and achieve your leadership goals


Lwin Than

GP and coach Lwin empowers her clients to achieve their full potential by helping them to gain focus, explore challenges and overcome barriers to improving their life


Soma Ghosh

Soma helps women who are unhappy at work find career happiness through career mentoring, advice and counselling depending on your individual needs


Dr George Surtees

Ex-A+E doctor George is passionate about helping individuals to reach their true potential, making powerful changes, even in the most challenging work environments


Frankie Lynch

Frankie brings decades of experience working across complex organisations to help individuals at all stages of their career to reach their full potential


Dr Rosalyn Hallewell

If you are always working to help others, then Roz will help you to put yourself first for a change and get the clarity you crave on how to reach your greatest potential


Dr Katya Miles

As the 'Working Well Doctor' Katya uses her experience as a GP and Occupational Health Physician, to help you get unstuck in life, so you can 'Work Well’ and thrive.


Dr Vica Khromova

Vica is an exceptional Parent Coach who is passionate about supporting you to feel happy and confident and to be the best parent you can be


Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee

Ami is a GP and mum, with a keen interest in wellbeing and occupational health who will help you work towards a more confident YOU, putting YOU in the driving seat


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Many of our Joyful Doctor Coaches offer free or reduced-fee sessions to doctors who find themselves in financial difficulty.


Got a health problem?

We pride ourselves on providing a highly confidential service for our clients.


Many doctors who come for coaching have mental or physical health issues as well. We are very happy to work with you, alongside these issues, and signpost you to appropriate additional support should you need it.


Some of our Joyful Coaches specialise in health coaching too!


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