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Introducing... Team Joy!


It's a family affair at The Joyful Doctor.

I've had to learn, like all doctors, that I can't do it all myself...  So I'm incredibly grateful to have my two wonderful brothers, Tom and Brad, by my side on this journey to transform doctors' lives.

They support me like only big brothers can, with a lot of love, a lot of laughs and a lot of...teasing!  They keep me grounded, inspire me to live big and they work miracles behind the scenes at The Joyful Doctor everyday.

[T+B: thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx]


Team Joy is growing...

 Every month sees exciting new developments at Joy Headquarters and new people joining Team Joy.  Below are some of the wonderful people who are helping us on our journey to make doctors' lives better!  We're always looking for new opportunities to make a bigger difference to doctors' lives so if you think you'd like to work with us - please get in touch!



Would you like to join us in reducing stigma for struggling doctors, helping doctors to get the help and support they need and in supporting doctors to create the career paths of their dreams?..

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Tom Walker

Tom is our Joyful Head of People and Products.  He's driven by a desire to make life easier for others and his flexible skills rise to meet any challenge put before him.  He's also the kindest, most honourable man I've ever known.


Brad Walker

Brad is our Joyful Head of Business and Operations.  He's got a head for figures and 'can do' attitude that inspires me daily,  He's my cheerleader when I doubt myself the most.  He's also the most dedicated and loving father you could imagine.


Paul Dorrington

Paul is a vocational rehab specialist and a transformational coach.  He's a man on a special mission - to help those with mental health challenges to get back to work and thrive in the work environment.  Paul is a friend, a support and an inspiration to me as we spread our message of recovery and possibility to the big wide world.


Abeyna Jones

Abeyna is Co-founder of Medic Footprints - an incredible organisation dedicated to diversifying careers for doctors and improving their wellbeing.  She's a brave and adventurous soul with a great big heart and an awesome voice.


Segs Olusanya

Segs is one of our Joyful Doctor Coaches.  He's is a brilliant anaesthetics trainee and an inspirational life coach with a passion for helping doctors to navigate challenging times and build careers they love.  Enquire about working with Segs or one of our other amazing Joyful Doctor Coaches HERE

Psst! Seg's wife also makes the most incredible cakes ever!  Check them out at:


Katherine Dever

Kat is an extraordinary intuitive business mentor and, in 2017, she helped me to take the leap of faith I needed to to turn my Joyful Doctor dreams into reality.  She taught me to trust my intuition in everything I do and that imperfect action conquers fear.


Elizabeth Ellery 

Liz is a website designer with a difference!  She took the courageous step of leaving her 9-5 corporate job to set up a business she loves - taking photos and designing websites for heart-centred entrepreneurs looking to shine online.


Sarah Alford

Sarah is a copy-writing legend.   She is a busy mum with a genius for words.  Much of the wording on this site is down to her gift for expressing what I want to get across in language that really connects.


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