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Introducing Team Joy!

Joyful You!

Would you like to join us in supporting those who help others to take care of themselves and to lead more joyful and fulfilling lives?  Then please get in contact and tell us a bit about you by emailing:


Julie Mitchell

Julie is our Head of Joyful Doctor Coaching - an inspirational coach, speaker, writer, and proud Mum of two boys, living on the edge of the beautiful Peak District where she loves to wander and roam.


Kate Little

Kate is our Head of Joyful Doctor Training - a GP from Surrey, with a wonderful portfolio career.  She is the mother of boys, and an amazing lady with a passion for wellbeing in all its forms.


Caroline Walker

Caroline is our Founder - a passionate psychiatrist, therapist, speaker, trainer, advocate and coach. She lives in Surrey with her family and is an international role model for doctors with mental health problems.


Tom Walker

Tom is our Head of Joyful People and Products.  He's driven by a desire to make life easier for others and his flexible skills rise to meet any challenge.  He's also the kindest, most honourable man you could meet.


Julia Baxendine-Jones

Julia is our Head of Joyful Art - an incredible project that helps doctors to improve their lives through creativity and art, and funds struggling doctors to access confidential support when they need it most.


Olivia Jones

Olivia is our Joyful Assistant Head of Media, Marketing and PR.  Adaptable, enthusiastic, kind and never afraid to try something new, she's an asset to our team and makes all our lives more joyful!

Annie Jane

Annie is our Lead Developer of Joyful Doctor Coaching Courses.  A GP by background, she's always full of ideas and enthusiasm and can execute a vision, from brainstorm to completion, like a joyful ninja!

Brad Walker

Brad is our Head of Joyful Business and Operations.  He's got a head for figures and a 'can do' attitude that inspires us daily.  He's our cheerleader when doubts set in and is one of the most dedicated and loving fathers you could imagine.


Katharine Dever

Kat is an extraordinary Business Mentor and, in 2017, she was instrumental in helping Caroline launch The Joyful Doctor into reality.  She teaches the power of intuition and imperfect action in all that we do.


Elizabeth Ellery 

Liz is a Website Designer with a difference!  She took the courageous step of leaving her 9-5 corporate job to set up a business she loves - taking photos and designing websites for heart-centred entrepreneurs looking to shine online.


Sarah Henson

Sarah is a Copywriting Legend.  She is a busy mum of two with a genius for words.  Much of the wording on this site began with her gift for expressing our mission and message, using language that connects and engages.



 Team Joy is growing... fancy joining us?





  • “Thank you again for being so inspirational and real. You have been a huge help to me and I’m certain to so many more.”


  • “Fantastic resource for healthcare professionals”