Helping doctors do their best work without the sacrifice!


The Joyful Doctor was founded to transform the lives of doctors.

To highlight the pressures, and mental health costs, of working in medicine, and to help struggling doctors to seek support. To help disillusioned doctors love their work again, and choose work that truly satisfies their purpose in life.


Hi, I'm Caroline

I'm a psychiatrist, therapist, speaker and coach.

I founded The Joyful Doctor to support overworked and under-appreciated doctors to come back from the brink of mental health and career crises, and take steps towards happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives and careers.

I have first hand experience of burnout, bipolar disorder and alcohol addiction, and know just how the pressures of medicine can impact on life.

Through my own struggles as a doctor I came to realise that we desperately need more support to take care of ourselves - without feeling guilty, isolated and scared of the consequences for our career...




I found a way to survive and thrive as a doctor, 
and you can too!


Want to know how we can help you?

 Struggling to cope?

Looking for a better balance?

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'The TOP 5 MISTAKES Doctors Make - and How to Avoid Them!'

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  • “I feel very fortunate to have discovered you and the phenomenon that is The Joyful Doctor!”


  • “Things are a lot clearer... I’m feeling great!”


  • “Your calming supportive influence provided an invaluable space in which to recognise my own potential”


  • “Priceless… an inspirational journey”


  • “I can already see positive changes in the way I approach things since we started our work together”


  • “...tailored to my needs and at my pace”

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