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Dr Carrie St John Wright


"Hello, I’m Carrie.

I found my way to being a coach for doctors and other healthcare professionals through my work as a GP, as an appraiser and in my role as a clinician with Practitioner Health.  

I wanted to find ways to support people that brought out the person’s own values and strengths because I recognised that the most impactful solutions come when we give space to, and really hear, our own inner voice.  I have found that much of medicine and the career paths therein, ignore that inner knowledge and choice which we all have, creating rigid and often pressurising ways of living and working that can appear difficult to change.  I help doctors to uncover what really drives them and gives meaning to their life and also what influences (real or perceived) have shaped their choices thus far.  

“...Usually the brain that contains the problem also contains the solution, often the best one” (Nancy Klein).  

My approach to coaching really encompasses this ethos.  I can work with you to create realistic, workable steps to change whether you are starting from a place of feeling stuck or dissatisfied or whether you want to work on progressing in a role you already love.

What drives me is seeing what an impact coaching in a really person-centred way can have on a professional’s perspective and how it allows people to find solutions that are tailored uniquely to them.  I love helping people to visualise how they want their life to look and feel and to create meaningful steps towards that vision through coaching."




Location: South West, UK

Background: GP, Appraiser and Clinician with Practitioner Health

Specialist areas: Health, wellbeing and life coaching



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