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Frankie Lynch

Frankie Lynch


I am an experienced leadership coach who has 25 years of working with clinicians and managers in the NHS. My qualifications include MSc Public Sector Policy and Management- King’s College London, May 2010 and EMCC Accredited Coaching Practitioner June 2011.

I look to build trust and empathy with my clients to become their 'thinking partner', supporting them in finding solutions to move forward.  I am based in Scotland and enjoy working with clients outdoors when possible.

I aim to create a safe space for clinicians to work through your challenges and find your own solutions. I blend my NHS leadership experience and coaching competencies to work together as your thinking partner enabling you to clarify what is important to you and articulate your challenges.

I bring calmness and empathy to the coaching partnership, with the aim of providing a fresh insight to your thinking. My emphasis is on releasing your potential and supporting you achieve your desired goal.

I believe the natural environment enhances our thinking and unlocks creativity, so where and when possible, I often conduct coaching sessions walking through parks or along the riverside.

Having worked at board level in the NHS I am very aware of the pressures and expectations of clinicians in today’s hectic world. I work at the pace of the client and believe that I must listen with both my eyes and ears to fully understand and support you.

After establishing your priorities, we will work together to find the right path for you to improve or restore your life/work balance and personal fulfilment. Having worked most of my career in London, I welcome and enjoy its diverse workforce.



Location: Scotland, UK

Background: Leadership and 'thinking partner' coach

Specialist areas: 'Walking and talking' to unlock our thinking outside in the natural environment



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