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Dr Amina Shaaban 

Are you always on the go with no time for you?  Struggling to find a healthy work life balance?  Are you feeling emotionally drained?  

Then I would love to help you!

Together we can shed the unhelpful emotions and rediscover your best self... I can help you find harmony, balance and wholeness, so you can live a full, inspiring and meaningful life again.

I use The Wonder Method of coaching - which helps you to focus on being, rather than doing, and helps you to take easy and aligned action to reach your goals.

 My varied career path, from Forensic Medicine to Wellbeing Coaching, alongside my parenting journey (raising babies into happy teenagers) has taught me the healing power of natural foods, play and balancing emotions - all of which I look forward to bringing into our work together...

If you would like to work with me please get in touch now! 


Location: Yorkshire, UK 

Background: Forensic Physician, Wellbeing Coach 

Specialist areas: Work-life balance, Enjoyable Healthy Habits, Balancing Emotions



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