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Dr Michelle Gooding


 Dr Michelle Gooding


Are you fed up of struggling with your own inner critic?  Always focusing on what you 'should' be doing and not what you want to be doing? Are you lacking in confidence and craving the space to connect with your true inner self again?

Then I would love to help you!

Together we can get crystal clear on what you want going forwards and make a step-by-step plan to create the life you really want.   You will start to live more in line with your values, strengths and passions - doing more of what you love to do.

I use a mix of different coaching techniques to offer you exactly what you need right now. And no matter what is going on for you there will be no judgement, just empathy and support from me.  Together we can explore your dreams and conquer your fears, so that you can take the next right step for you with ease...

I look forward to working with you soon!




Location: Durham, UK

Background: GP, Educator and Coach

Specialist areas: Health, Wellbeing, Stress, Burnout, Leadership and Neurodiversity coaching/ Neurodiversity affirming 



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