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Dr Tony Woolfson

Dr Tony Woolfson


I’m a physician, coach and trainer with many years’ experience drawing on a wide range of approaches and modalities which I tailor individually to each client for maximum value.

I have been coaching doctors since 1983, when I set up the first independent careers consultancy for doctors in the UK. I’m currently expanding my training, coaching and personal development work while working as a consultant physician in the NHS.

I draw on techniques from coaching and management theory, my extensive knowledge of human evolution and development, NLP and related modalities, my experience of psychological therapies and from my more than 40 years practising clinical medicine. This is supported by clear contractual agreements in which goals and expectations are explicitly evolved and stated.

All this enables me to engage easily, intimately and enjoyably with my clients, creating a space of trust and safety (and good humour) so you can explore any issues you wish, with a focus that aims to remove barriers to success and fulfilment.

I offer an opportunity for people who really want to make the best of their careers and their lives to delve into relevant issues widely and deeply.

I create an environment that is stimulating, demanding and compassionate in which you will find your individual way to develop and thrive.




Location: Peterborough (and London), UK

Background: Physician, Personal Development Coach and Trainer

Specialist areas: Career development, personal effectiveness, resilience, communication skills, work-life balance, realisation of potential, fulfilment




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