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During COVID-19 we are providing a range of enhanced wellbeing solutions to support doctors online at this challenging time...


Our Talks, Workshops, Away Days and Trainings are informative, fun and interactive - making sure every participant leaves feeling uplifted, empowered and engaged!



'Outstanding Training Courses for Doctors!'




Browse examples of our training courses for doctors below...


Each training can be delivered as a:

1 hour talk - from £297 plus VAT - CPD 1 hour

Half-day workshop - from £795 plus VAT - CPD 3 hours

Full day training - from £1495 plus VAT - CPD 6 hours


Psst!  If you would like your workplace to offer any of our trainings, let us know the name of your organisation and we will do the rest!

Away days

Engaging and fun days for teams and departments


First aid kit for the workplace

Tips and tools to thrive at work


How to beat burnout

How to minimise stress and inject some energy back into work


Healthy body, healthy mind

Eating and moving to create lasting joy at work


How to be a Joyful Doctor!

Simple tips to stay well as a doctor and love your work


Managing mental health problems in the workplace

How to conquer your fear and make a difference


A picture is worth a thousand words

Healing yourself and others through art


Medicine and me

Explore what being a doctor means to you


Bespoke training

Tailored to your individual and group needs



Our experienced and friendly trainers are located all across the UK, and have a wide range of expertise, helping us to ensure we find the right Joyful Doctor Trainer for you!



Meet some of our Joyful Doctor Trainers...

Dr Caroline Walker

Our founder Caroline receives universal praise for her joyful and engaging talks and trainings - inspiring audiences with her courageous vulnerability and warmth

Dr Katherine Hickman

As a GP, coach and trainer, Katherine is passionate about helping people to gain control of their lives by making simple lifestyle changes

Dr Kate Little

Kate brings years of experience as a GP and health advocate to supporting others with their health and career wellbeing

Paul Dorrington

Paul is a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist with a passion for helping people to build meaningful working lives

Dr Katya Miles

As our Head of Joyful Doctor Training Katya draws on her considerable experience as a GP and Occupational Health Physician to fuel her passion for improving working health for all

Dr Natalia Mesa

As a doctor and Medical Humanities Specialist, Natalia brings her love of art into the workspace, encouraging wellbeing for all through creative exploration

Dr Nicky Kiernan

As Founder of Mind Body Soul, ex-GP Nicky’s holistic approach to wellbeing shines through in her trainings, empowering others to shine also

Soma Ghosh

As ‘The Career Happiness Mentor’ Soma is an inspiration to all those wanting to achieve a better work-life balance with confidence and ease

Dr Vica Khromova

Vica brings her years of experience as a Consultant Psychiatrist to educate and inspire others to put their own wellbeing first when it comes to work


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  • The Joyful Doctor

    “Outstanding courses, enabling space and time for reflection on well-being!”

    SWLSTG NHS Trust

  • The Joyful Doctor

    “I felt really re-energised and positive about my future afterwards”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “Great, interactive, engaging and down to earth”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “The session gave me tools to help assess my own wellbeing with some practical steps for how to look after myself”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “Caroline’s teaching sessions are always excellent. She is a real inspiration!”



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