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Tea & Empathy was founded on Valentines Day 2016 - following the sad loss of yet another U.K. doctor, Dr Rose Polge, to suicide.

Tea & Empathy is a national peer-to-peer support network, based on social media, that offers support to thousands of healthcare workers working in the NHS. They offer signposting, 1:1 chats, messaging and discussion around any support that is needed. 24 hours a day there are people supporting one another, with basic compassion, who have been through similar situations and are able to offer advice and can empathise.

Members can post as themselves or anonymously via one of the many wondeful volunteer admins. 

Anyone can read the posts in the main group and if you want to become a member and post/comment, simply follow the link on the Facebook page - 

There are also closed regional groups and some more private groups for high-stigma areas such as addiction and making mistakes.  Simply ask an admin to point you in the right direction for what you need. 

For other free support resources for UK doctors and medical students please go to: 



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