The big ‘BUT’


Have you ever noticed yourself thinking, ‘I need to…’, or ‘I want to…’, or ‘I’d love to..’ *insert the thing (big or small) you would love to do right now or in the future*...
...and then out of nowhere comes a GREAT BIG GIANT ‘BUT’…. flooding your mind with thoughts of why you can’t do the thing you want to do?
A simple language change can open up the way you think about this.
By changing the ‘BUT’, to an ‘AND’, our brains are opened up to see the choices we have rather than immediately closing down the ‘thing’ we want to do.
For example, “I really need to take a break BUT, I have three bleeps that I need to answer” - your brain is then closed to the idea of having that break and fulfilling your personal need. So you answer the bleeps and stay exhausted.
When we swap the BUT for an AND it becomes: “I really need to take a break AND I have three bleeps that I need to answer’, then your brain starts to think: “how can I do both?”.
You give yourself permission to take your break AND answer your bleeps. You take care of your personal needs, and your responsibility to others. By just using the simple word ‘AND’ (instead of that GIANT ‘BUT’!) your brain will be better poised to look for options to meet all your many needs.

Food for thought in this New Year!
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