Escape and unwind with Caroline...


We all need a little rest and relaxation sometimes, a little space to breathe and unwind from the stresses of our busy working lives - come and join me for a blissful day of peace, reflection and quality 'me-time'... 


Escape for a day...


From the moment you arrive on your Joyful Doctor Retreat day you'll enjoy the feeling of calm and serenity that comes with giving yourself the time-out you need...

Our days are built entirely around you, offering a range of activities from horse-grooming to yoga to massage to simply kicking back and lying on a giant trampoline soaking up the beautiful birdsong!

Choose from our small group retreat days - allowing you to enjoy the company of like-minded stressed-out professionals taking some well-earned time-out for you; or our bespoke 1:1 retreat days where you will be spoilt from head to toe with the undivided attention of our founder and your host for the day, Dr Caroline Walker.





All of our retreat days centre around undivided attention from our founder, Dr Caroline Walker, allowing you to safely unwind and explore whatever may be going on for you right now...


The beautiful food, relaxing activities and VIP-feeling are all standard!



Small Group Retreat Days

- from £247pp incl VAT - 

For up to 3 people

Join Caroline for a day of calming rest and relaxation.

Explore what's going on in your life in a safe and confidential setting with like-minded individuals looking to slow-down the pace of life and listen to the nudges about where they go next...

Optional activities: yoga, massage, meditation, mindfulness, walking

Dates and locations on enquiry

Press pause for a day...



Horsing around in the Surrey Hills!

 - £675pp incl VAT for 1 person -

- £347pp incl VAT for 2 people -

Join Caroline and Josie, and Josie's two gorgeous ponies Henry and Barney, in the jaw-droppingly beautiful Surrey Hills Outstanding Area of Natural Beauty for a day of grooming, riding and quality horse-time.

Whether you are a seasoned rider, or have never set eyes on a horse before, we can promise you a magical and surprising day - learning more about yourself from these special and beautiful animals than you could have possibly imagined...

We can spend as little or as much time as you like with the ponies - from a quick hello to a day-long ride and grooming fest! (Assuming the horses agree of course!)




Meet Dr Josie Jenkinson...

A Consultant Psychiatrist by day and budding equine-therapist in her spare time... Josie is living her dream!

Any time spent in the presence of Josie and her two beautiful ponies will leave you feeling completely relaxed, inspired and confident to take on the world!

Optional activities: massage, country walk, doggie-time!

'I came away feeling so chilled-out and I couldn't believe how much I learnt from those amazing horses, thank you so much!'



Enquire about your day with Josie and Caroline now...


Bespoke 1:1 Retreat Days

Previous 1:1 clients have spent their day with Caroline at luxury spa hotels, a racing car track, a beautiful country manor house or simply kicking back with her at home.

The only limit is your imagination!

If you'd like to enquire about a bespoke 1:1 retreat day with Caroline contact us now!


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