Dr Katie Gough


I’m Dr Katherine Hickman, GP and Coach to Medic Mums who are feeling overwhelmed and want to get control back in their lives.

By combining my coaching and scientific medical background I help Medic Mums to focus on simple lifestyle changes.

Time For You, Time For Your DREAMS

Location: Leeds

Background: Life and Tiny Habits Coach

Interests: Supporting fabulous Medic Mums struggling with being overwhelmed to take back control of their lives.

Cost: £100/hr for 1:1 coaching. Other options available including 12 week 1:1 programme. Please contact for more details.

Contact: k.c.hickman@gmail.com   Tel: 07968863470

Coaching options:
   1:1 coaching via phone or online
   Group programmes online

Please click HERE for Dr Katherine Hickman's Interest Form to register your interest

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