Using humour and perspective to change minds




Dr. Julia Baxendine-Jones

Julia is a Pathologist with a passion for creating quirky photographic art using miniature railway figures. 

Creating art to reduce stigma around mental health.




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Julia's story...

My name is Julia. I am a doctor, a pathologist in fact. I have Bipolar Disorder and I have suffered with OCD for over 30 years. Like many doctors I suffered in silence for years, too afraid to reach out for help.

Eventually the OCD became so severe, and my home and work life were so impaired - that the shame I felt for having a mental health problem was outweighed by the desire to turn my life around. I wish I hadn’t delayed seeking help but I’m thankful that when I did I benefited from confidential support and therapy, and my whole life has dramatically changed for the better since that point.

I want to reduce stigma around mental health issues in doctors. I want doctors to take care of themselves as well as they take care of their patients. And if you are struggling as a doctor I want you to seek help early - because you don’t need to suffer in silence - there is help out there.

I enjoy creating photographic art. I express quirky ideas with miniature railway figures – using humour and perspective to change minds. And 100% of the proceeds from selling this art subsidises confidential support for doctors who are struggling - just like I once was.


All profits from the sale of Julia's Joyful Doctor Art work will go to supporting struggling doctors to access free and confidential support.

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If you are a doctor who is struggling, or if you know another doctor who is - please get in touch with the Joyful Doctor team at and check out the dozens of other support resources available to you on the Help for Drs page by clicking HERE