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Coaching gives you time and space just for you. We'll focus on what you need and help you get to where you want to be, using an empowering structured coaching program, tried, tested and used by doctors, and tailored to women just like you.

I bring a lifetime of experience as a doctor, as well as a human being to my practice and can provide professional women with the type of support that is often missing in the high-pressure culture of the NHS. I firmly believe that healthcare is at its best when patients are cared for by doctors who know how to look after and prioritise themselves.

Would you like to:

* Feel more in control of your career * Improve your work-life balance * Rediscover enthusiasm for your profession * Manage time and workload more proficiently * Avoid burnout and manage stress * Renew confidence in your abilities * Make informed career decisions * Clarify your goals and direction * Deal effectively with conflict * Understand any limiting beliefs that hold you back * Set boundaries with ease rather than guilt *

Using the tools in the innovative One of Many Coaching Program helped me to flourish. I know they work. And I know that talking to a colleague who also works at the coalface adds reassurance to the coaching relationship.

I also understand that the constant giving and juggling at work and at home, without giving to yourself, is unsustainable. I can show you how to thrive both as a professional medic and through the life events that are thrown at all of us. Among other things, I've walked the path of single parenthood, managing messy families and navigating new relationships with a child in tow. I know that what got us to where we are in life today is not always what will take us forward.







Location: UK

Background:  NHS Doctor 23 years, practicing GP, Appraiser, lover of swimming, Mum. MBChB, BSc, MRCGP exam (Distinction 2002), Certified One of many Coach.

Specialist areas:  Life coaching for women, finding balance, time and energy management, high achievers, inner critic, perfectionism, understanding and meeting your needs, single parenthood/ blended families



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