Meet your Joyful Coach...




Emma Monaghan


Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? 
Do you feel disconnected from work and family?
Do you have an 'inner critic' you would like to hear less from?
Do you believe you have more to offer than you are currently able to?

Would you love to reconnect with your purpose, feel fulfilled at work and at home, and live in balance with your beliefs and values?

I would love to help you reconnect with your inner wisdom and innate wellbeing so you can love your life again.

I bring years of experience and skills as a GP and educator to my coaching, which are combined with a deep personal understanding of the transformative power of coaching...
In 2018, after years of struggling with a chronic health problem, coupled with work stress eventually leading to an eating disorder and burnout, I began a journey that has inspired me to make breakthroughs and regain my health and well-being, and my joy in work and life.

Coming from this place of energy, openness and compassion I would love to share with you the opportunity for you to gain insight and change too. 






Location: Lincolnshire, UK

Background: GP, Educator, and Coach

Specialist areas: Wellbeing



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