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Dr Tamara White

Dr Tamara White


Hi, I am Tamara. I am a doctor with over 10 years of medical experience, specialising in psychiatry and psychotherapy. After obtaining my MD degree in 2007, my pursuit of understanding illness and health, and my longstanding passion for improving peoples’ lives and curing pain, took me on a path from clinical medicine to completing a PhD in Immunology, studying the impact different stressors have on our body.

The more I studied and knew about the human body, the more I believed that the only way to truly and comprehensively understand human wellbeing and health must include nurturing the mind within the vessel – and that our power to transform our health and lives truly lies within.

My career path has led me to change countries, employers and professional fields – reminding me that there are many different ways to be joyful and to enjoy life to the fullest. What we need and want at different life stages might change, and in order to remain true to ourselves, we must continuously reassess against these needs and wants.

If you feel that something is holding you back and you are ready to explore the world within yourself, then let’s work together to identify what lies underneath the surface and explore the most important questions in your life, whatever they might be at this moment.




Location: London, UK

Background: Psychiatrist, therapist, teacher, mentor, coach

Specialist areas: Burnout, impostor syndrome, work-life balance, career development/change, resilience and communication skills



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