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Angela Qureshi

Angela Qureshi


Hi, I’m Angela. I’m an organisational psychologist, coach and leadership trainer. What I love about my work is building those close relationships that means I can support people to be their best selves, to be true to themselves so they can thrive in work and life.

As well as doctors, I have many years working with barristers, judges, and professionals from across a breadth of sectors and organisational settings.

As your coach I provide you with supportive, protected space to make sense of your situation, to help you think things through, dilemmas, choices, options, challenges - What you are facing? How you are feeling?

I support you to understand yourself better, you as a person, you at work and at life, and through this, to better understand what you want and need to thrive and the next steps to take to achieve this.

As a coach, I am trained through Ashridge Executive Coaching, and the Centre for Coaching, which integrate the main therapeutic schools within a coaching context, to support an individual’s understanding and growth. I combine this with my many years of experience working as a consultant to organisations in the people space.




Location: London (and Essex), UK

Background: Organisational Psychologist and Executive coach

Specialist areas: Helping you to be your best self, to understand yourself better, and enabling you to find your next steps to thrive in your work and life




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