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Theresa Davies

Theresa Davies


Hi, I'm Theresa. I'm an ex-psychiatric nurse who came to medicine later in life. I am now a senior Psychiatrist and Coach who is passionate about helping others to find the answers that are already in their subconscious.

I believe we are each an 'expert' in our own lives.

I will help you find and remove the blocks which are stopping you from creating a life you love - and I understand how hard this can be!

Supporting other health professionals is my passion, which I fulfil through coaching individuals and running reflective practice groups for junior doctors and nurses.

Having had mental health difficulties myself over the years I understand how isolating it can be and I believe my life's purpose is to truly 'see the human being' behind the mask.

If you need permission to slow down and enjoy life more then look no further - I am the coach for you!




Location: London, UK

Background: Ex-psychiatric nurse, senior Psychiatrist and Coach

Specialist areas: Helping others to find the answers that are already in their subconscious




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