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Kate Little

Dr Kate Little


Welcome! My name is Kate. I work as a GP practitioner and clinical lead for the NHS Practitioner Health Service, which supports doctors with stress and mental ill-health.

In 2016 I had to have time off work for anxiety and stress. I got better and returned to work, something that I never thought I could or would do. Having that space allowed me to really look back at what my values were, why I went into medicine, and what I enjoyed the most. I then set about finding ways to do more what I loved. Having a coach and connecting with like-minded others has really helped me in my journey.

I now use my learning and experience to help others move forward.

My areas of interest are health, wellness and life coaching.

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Location: Surrey, UK

Background: GP and health coach, supporting doctors with stress and mental ill-health

Specialist areas: Health, wellbeing and life coaching




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