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Julia Gardner

Julia Gardner


Hello, I’m Julia, a career and development coach and facilitator, based in Ilkley West Yorkshire. For the last couple of decades, I’ve worked with individuals at every stage of their career journey, often in challenging times, with a focus on how to craft brighter, more fulfilling days at work.

Working both face to face and remotely, I enjoy creating a supportive and dynamic conversational space for Doctors and other Professionals to stop, take stock and think forwards.

You'll explore how to align your core values, passions, strengths and experience to make insightful and holistic career decisions and create that all-important 'next steps' plan.

With a post-graduate qualification in Careers Guidance, coupled with a deep interest in supporting open dialogue around wellbeing at work and beyond, I look forward to connecting with you and having some great career conversations.




Location: Yorkshire, UK

Background: Career and Development Coach

Specialist areas: Change and Transition, Psychometric Profiling, Stress Management and Wellbeing, Work/Life Balance




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