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Dr Katya Miles

Dr Katya Miles



Katya is a GP and Occupational Health Doctor turned Coach & Trainer.

She loves encouraging others in her work as a Joyful Doctor Coach and as Lead Trainer at Joyful Doctor.

She focuses on Leadership, Career Development & Wellbeing coaching to empower overloaded professionals to thrive.

Having journeyed through Burnout, she resolved to help people like her avoid the mistakes she made. This passion drove her to set up The Working Well Doctor where she uses her professional expertise and personal experience to deliver inspiring and enabling coaching to groups and individuals.

She believes solutions are most effective when evidence-supported approaches are tailored to the needs of teams and individuals.

She has worked at the Mayo Clinic, USA & in the UK as a GP for both civilians & the Armed Forces, as well as in Occupational Health.

She is also Shapes Coach and Shapes Toolkit Trainer & Associate at Clarity Consulting.

She loves a good natter on a podcast & writes for the BMJ & Medic Footprints and is often found sharing ideas with her Thrive Well email community.




Location: Near London, UK

Background: GP, Trainer, and Occupational Health Specialist

Specialist areas: Inspiring and Enabling Career Development. Leadership and Wellbeing Coaching!



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