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Soma Ghosh

Soma Ghosh


Hi, I'm Soma and I am a qualified Careers adviser with a Postgraduate diploma (PGDip) otherwise known as the QCG. Qualified in June 2008.

I have more than 10 years’ experience as a careers adviser and also have a degree BSc in Psychology (major) and Criminology (minor).

I have previously worked as a Careers adviser in schools and colleges and after going through redundancy and facing bullying at work I knew I was destined to help people on a deeper level. So, in 2016 I set up my own career’s advice business helping women and mums who are burnt out to find their version of career happiness.

I now help women who are unhappy at work find career happiness through career mentoring, careers advice and career counselling depending on their individual needs.

I have helped many women find a new job through helping them understand how to utilize LinkedIn as tool to market themselves and build a personal brand so they can get noticed by the right people.

I also have experience of working with several business coaches and have learnt a lot about using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Especially if someone is considering starting a business or going freelance.




Location: London (Middlesex), UK

Background: Careers advisor and counselling

Specialist areas: Career and Social Media coaching




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