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Lwin Than

Lwin Than




Are you thinking about a career change?  Feeling stressed or unfulfilled in your current role?  Maybe you'd like a better work-life balance, to improve your self-confidence or to find job satisfaction again...

I am a GP by background with a passion for helping you to find your ideal career and lifestyle.  I'd love to help you find clarity on your next steps - whether that is finding a better balance in your current career or forging a new path to something more rewarding and fulfilling.

I've had a varied career path myself including medicine, microbiology, sexual health, coaching and lifestyle medicine.  I have developed my own flexible portfolio career and I would love to support you to find the career path that supports your life and wellbeing the most - bringing you the personal fulfilment and satisfaction you deserve.

If you'd like to explore your next steps in life with me please get in touch!



Location: Birmingham, UK

Background: Clinical microbiology and sexual and reproductive health

Specialist areas: Personal performance coaching, and Sexual and reproductive health




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