Meet your Joyful Coach...


Dr Adam Harrison


Are you looking to develop your career or leadership skills? Are you studying for exams and need some help brushing up on your study skills? Has medicine left you feeling depleted or bullied?
If so, I would love to help you.

As a GP and medical leader, I have experienced many of the challenges that medicine can throw at us.  Having found my way through, I know I can help you to do the same.

I also have experience of training and working outside of medicine as a medicolegal advisor, a barrister and a leadership coach, so I am ideally-placed to help you if you are considering developing a portfolio career or making the transition out of medicine altogether.

I am passionate about helping you tackle your professional challenges and more efficiently achieve your goals.

If you would like to chat about working with me as your coach, please get in touch now.

May the joy be with you!


Location: Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK

Background: GP (British), medical leadership, medical educator, barrister, mentor and executive coach

Specialist areas: Career development/ transition, study skills, leadership, burnout, bullying and doctors undergoing GMC action



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