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Suzi Finlayson

Suzi Finlayson


Hi I’m Suzi B, a Wellbeing Coach, Mentor and Trainer with over a decade of training and expertise. I mainly support stressed, overwhelmed and tired parents, whether individually or together, to joyfully transition into the life and career they truly desire and one that works for them, without the sacrifice.

I believe that when we transform and heal from pain, guilt, stress, overlooked anxieties and limiting beliefs, we pave the way for future generations of strong, loving men and women. As we strengthen our own emotional and mental wellbeing, we can turn fear into LOVE & improve all relationships so that we can gain clarity and claim our identity for the future within work, play and family life.

It is a gift to yourself to create wellness within and harmony in your life. To give you a deep sense of belonging, connection, balance, fulfilment and love for yourself, your family and your career.

Together we transform, heal and breathe life into new possibilities.

Background: Mum of two, Host of Suzi B Wellness Within, Author of I am Born Lucky book and online programme within pregnancy, Creator of Mentally Thriving in Motherhood, an 8-week online coaching programme and the Relationship Revival challenge for new parents.




Location: West Sussex, UK

Background: Mental Wellbeing Coach, Mentor and Trainer

Specialist areas: Pre and post parenting, relationships, self esteem, anxiety, depression, bad habits, PTSD, stress, fears, mindset, motivation, career, change and lifestyle management




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