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Paul Dorrington

Paul Dorrington


My name is Paul Dorrington and I am an NHS Leader, Professional Performance/Corporate Coach, Mental Health Recovery and Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist. Since 1993 I have been using and implementing therapeutic, coaching and recovery based interventions.

Throughout my career I have helped many hundreds of clients with mental health difficulties, proving time and time again that recovery and a meaningful life is a reality.

As a Joyful Doctor Coach, I help you focus on the present and future, using powerful strategies to both understand and achieve your goals in different areas of your life, aligning your core values to what’s important to you, while enabling you to take control of your life and breakthrough limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from living the life you desire.

I also help you find balance through using a work life balance toolkit - My core philosophy is a Joyful Doctor is a successful one.




Location: London, UK

Background: Vocational rehab specialist and transformational coach

Specialist areas: Getting back to work, working with mental health challenges 



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