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Segs Olusanya

Dr Segun Olusanya


Hi guys. My name’s Segun.

I’m an intensive care doctor, ultrasound educator, and researcher with a special interest in burnout. I’ve been privileged enough to sit on a national burnout committee, and contribute to national documentation on doctor’s wellbeing. I’ve also lectured nationally and internationally on the topic, and published peer-reviewed articles in several high quality journals.

I have a personal experience with burnout, having left medicine for 4 years myself to pursue other interests.

My interests lie in healthcare workers in acute specialties, and helping them thrive under the significant stressors they face day to day.

I also co-own a baking company with my wife, Fen. Called MonAnnie, we spend our time creating beautiful cakes and pastries for all kinds of events.

It would be my pleasure to share a journey of self discovery with you.




Location: Reading, UK

Background: Intensive care trainee and life coach

Specialist areas: Burnout and helping healthcare workers in acute specialties thrive under the significant stressors they face day to day




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