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Helen Eades


Dr Helen Eades 


Hi, my name is Dr Helen Eades and I am an ex GP-trainee and certified life coach.

Are you one of many doctors who have found themselves stuck in a situation that they find uncomfortable and unpleasant? Some of this can be blamed on the culture in which we work, the very paradigm of healthcare systems makes self-sacrifice, hard work and competition seem essential in order to be viewed as successful.

I have spoken to so many doctors who have sacrificed their personal relationships, forgotten what hobbies they used to enjoy and whose health is suffering due to putting their own needs last for too long.

Thankfully it IS possible to have a career in medicine and not just survive but thrive! You CAN find time to do the things you love with the people you love. You CAN show up confidently and effectively at work and make a powerful impact that gets you recognised. And you CAN take back control of your career so that it serves you, your family and your patients.

Do you feel ready to break out of overwhelm and regain control of your life and career? Do you want to feel more confident, powerful and balanced? This is what I help my clients to do – break free from the constraints that are holding them back and step into a new, powerful way of being!




Location: Suffolk, UK

Background: Ex-GP, Mum of two, 'One of Many' Women’s coach, host of Facebook support group 'The Recovery Room' for overwhelmed female drs

Specialist areas: Improving self-esteem, emotional release work, time and energy management, living with uncertainty, work-life balance




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