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Katherine Hickman

Dr Katherine Hickman


Are you a frustrated, exhausted Medic Mum? Do you feel emotionally drained, physically exhausted and worn out by work with no time to recover before the next day begins? Do you have no time to spend with your children or REALLY listen to them. Most importantly, no time to listen to your needs or time to look after YOU.  

Is work consuming you? Are you too exhausted to read your kids a bedtime story, to chat with your husband or even contemplate doing some exercise? Do you simply have no more to give?

I'm a busy, working mum of three young children and I understand how difficult it can be juggling the many balls life throws at us.

I get it!

With 18 years experience as a GP behind me and as a certified Life and Tiny HabitsⓇ coach I support Medic Mums get back control of their lives. By combining my coaching and scientific medical background I help Medic Mums to make lasting, sustainable changes, care for themselves and above all start prioritising themselves.

Together let's make your life great again.




Location: Leeds, UK

Background: Life and Tiny Habits Coach

Specialist areas: Applying the Tiny Habits behavioural change model to make lasting and sustainable change to clients lives




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