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 Get my undivided attention to supercharge your life at a time to fit in with your busy schedule!  VIP 1:1 Mentoring is available on the phone, online, or in person on request... from an hour up to a whole year of bespoke customised support just for you!

VIP High-Level Mastermind Groups

Each year I work with a select group of heart-centred and talented doctorpreneurs to mentor them through incredible shifts in their careers and personal lives... join forces for a high-value high-intensity experience of a lifetime!

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Fully escape your everyday life and immerse yourself in a powerful mentoring experience that will change your life forever... Our luxurious retreats take part in inspiring locations around the world and are a true catalyst to amazing change!

  • “I have been mentored and coached by Caroline for over 3 years and it has been an inspirational journey. Caroline truly has the skills to support and coax even the most reluctant person through life's difficulties. I found it a challenging and rewarding experience that enabled me to identify the ruts in my life that were holding me back.”

    Krissy is an inspirational lady who has lived many lives in the space of one… Caroline worked with Krissy 1:1 to bring her life into a better balance, to heal old wounds and plan a future in line with her most treasured values.

  • “Working with Caroline is really exciting. You start to realise that your limits are entirely self-generated; you start to see new possibilities. She also gives concrete strategies for how to convert these ideas into action.”

    Helen is a doctor who loved what she did but wanted a better life balance. Through her 1:1 work with Caroline she designed a career that fits her life better and allows her to indulge her creative desires and spend more time with her family.

  • “Caroline's calming, supportive influence provided an invaluable space in which to recognise my own potential.”

    Rachel is a warm and talented doctor who used her time with Caroline to explore her long-term career aspirations and to learn how to squeeze more joy out of everyday life. Rachel was starting to question whether a career in medicine was really for her… Through some 1:1 mentoring Rachel discovered her core values in life, applied to go part-time with her medical work and has started training in another field that brings her even more joy!

  • “I was diagnosed with mental and physical exhaustion by the GP and working with Caroline meant I didn't need to take the medication they were trying to prescribe. Caroline helped me to work on some of the mindset issues that helped me become able to deal with my company growth in a much better way.”

    When she first came to work with Caroline in 2010, Fiona was a property entrepreneur working in the East of England, with a small portfolio in the United States. She was suffering with entrepreneurial burnout and struggling with her work-life balance… After working with Caroline for just a few sessions she felt able to make some key changes in her life and has since gone on to scale her business to the next level!

  • “Caroline helped me structure achievable goals, in a personable and solution focused manner. It felt relaxing and comfortable as I felt it was tailored to my needs and at my pace. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work on my self-development with Caroline.”

    Keith is a man who has overcome adversity to thrive and excel in the world of mental health nursing. Above is what he had to say about his ‘Joyful Half-Day' with Caroline in 2017...

  • “I’d love to let the world know how brilliant Caroline is, she was my catalyst to get going! Working with Caroline enabled me to see where I was stuck and listening to my own constant chitter chatter and believing it. By having things to work on through the week before our next call, I was able to make small changes consistently which turn into big changes in no time. It’s like a friendly 'kick up the bum' you'll be forever grateful for!”

    Sam is a busy mother with a successful Interior Design Business. She had a dream of featuring in a glossy home magazine one day! With the help of The Joyful Doctor she not only realised that dream within a few months but has now gone on to be regularly featured in many of the top design magazines of the day…