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How to be a Joyful Doctor!

** Our FLAGSHIP Course for EVERY Doctor and High-Stress Professional **

Do you want to beat burnout?

Want to live a more joyful and rewarding life...
...whether you stay working in your current job or not?

Want to have more fun?

If YES - then this is the course for YOU!

- £97 incl VAT -

[CPD: 5hrs]


Should I Stay or

Should I Go?


Ever wondered if medicine is right for you?

Enjoy being a doctor but wonder if there is 'something more out there' for you?

Have a secret desire to do something different - but lack the confidence or don't know where to start?

Then this is the course for YOU!

- £97 incl VAT -

[CPD: 5hrs]



How to Rock Being a


** Coming SOON **

Over 2.5 million doctors in the world will suffer with a mental illness this year alone

If you are one of these doctors this is a course designed to help support YOU in your journey through being a doctor-patient

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[CPD: tbc]



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