Welcome to The Joyful Doctor


"My name is Caroline and I am The Joyful Doctor"


Have you ever wondered if medicine was the right career choice for you?

Have you ever felt like other doctors 'got it' - and you were just an imposter?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed at work and that you just couldn't cope?


Well, I have felt all of those things, many, many times...


I  have wanted to be a doctor since I was 6 years old

But as it turned out, when I finally got out there aged 24, it wasn’t quite what I thought it would be…


I didn't know what I was doing - and I was scared


I struggled - with the workload, the pressures, the emotional burden... but most of all with my own head

I thought I was rubbish, not good enough, an imposter...

Bound to get ‘found out’ at any moment and struck off for being ‘a bad doctor’


Things got so bad that I burnt out, and got depressed very quickly.  I also drank far too much to try and cope


My twenties were a blur of depressive episodes and trying to fit in, trying to ‘do life’ the way I thought I ‘should’

My thirties didn’t start much better - with episodes of high mood, an unexpected pregnancy and a sad divorce


But through it all I clung in there, always trying, always working to improve myself, to understand myself better...

Until one day I’d done just enough work on myself to realise...

I am ok just the way I am (and I always was!)


I started to relax, to drop the responsibilities that weren’t mine to start with (like making other people happy)

And I started taking responsibility for myself

I got on top of my mental health and put down my addictive behaviours

I really started living in line with my integrity and what was right for me


I started taking healthy risks instead of unhealthy ones

Life began to open up and bring me happiness I never thought was possible...


I pursued my dreams to train in psychotherapy (as a doctor) and to specialise in Doctors’ Wellbeing

I kept on dreaming and one day my dreams materialised into...

The Joyful Doctor!


My mission with The Joyful Doctor is

to empower doctors to live joyfully, beat burnout and make a difference!

For doctors to work less, have more fun and be fully rewarded

for doing what they love - whether they stay working in medicine or not!


Would you like to be a Joyful Doctor?...


Then you've come to the right place!


Make yourself at home, and please say hello!


Much love

Caroline x

The Joyful Doctor


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

You can contact Team Joy on (+44) 1932 922100 or email us on teamjoy@joyfuldoctor.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.  Alternatively contact us through any of our social media platforms - links to these can be found at the bottom of this page.

Do you work with clients from outside the UK?

Absolutely!  The Joyful Doctor helps doctors from all over the world!  Please note that our team usually operates Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm GMT but we will be happy to arrange calls and appointment times at the convenience of our clients wherever possible.

What happens if I cannot attend an event that I have purchased a ticket for?

We will be happy to book you onto another of our events or courses at no extra charge, or we can refund your ticket price in full.

Can we book you as a Speaker for our event?

Caroline is a sought after Speaker with a passion for speaking on a range of topics relating to Doctors' Wellbeing, Personal Development and Mental Health. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is your refund policy?

We have a 100% money-back guarantee for all of our online courses and live events - simply email teamjoy@joyfuldoctor.com and we will endeavour to refund you in full at the earliest possible opportunity.  There is no need to explain your reason, but it would help us to know so that we can improve our services for other doctors.  Refund policies for 1:1 VIP clients are negotiable on a client-by-client basis.

Do you offer any CBT for individual doctors?

Caroline offers Pro Bono CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) - by phone or online - for up to two doctors at any one time.  If you would like to be considered for one of these places, please email teamjoy@joyfuldoctor.com for details. Caroline also has limited availability for private CBT on request.


  • “Things are a lot clearer... I'm feeling great! …The whole pace was so relaxed, and so chilled, and we are in such a beautiful setting... I absolutely feel like a queen - a proper VIP!”

    Josie is a doctor with a big dream! To help those who are stressed or struggling, to heal and learn through the power of equine-assisted therapy and learning. She worked with Caroline in 2017 to bring this dream to life! Above is what Joise had to say about her first ‘Joyful Day’ with Caroline on the beautiful Dorset coastline...

  • “I have been mentored and coached by Caroline for over 3 years and it has been an inspirational journey. Caroline truly has the skills to support and coax even the most reluctant person through life's difficulties. I found it a challenging and rewarding experience that enabled me to identify the ruts in my life that were holding me back.”

    Krissy is an inspirational lady who has lived many lives in the space of one… Caroline worked with Krissy 1:1 to bring her life into a better balance, to heal old wounds and plan a future in line with her most treasured values.

  • “Working with Caroline is really exciting. You start to realise that your limits are entirely self-generated; you start to see new possibilities. She also gives concrete strategies for how to convert these ideas into action.”

    Helen is a doctor who loved what she did but wanted a better life balance. Through her 1:1 work with Caroline she designed a career that fits her life better and allows her to indulge her creative desires and spend more time with her family.

  • “Caroline helped me to structure achievable goals, in a personable and solution focused manner. It felt relaxed and comfortable as it was tailored to my needs and at my pace.”

    Keith is a man who has overcome adversity to thrive and excel in the world of mental health nursing. Above is what he had to say about his ‘Joyful Half-Day' with Caroline in 2017...

  • “Caroline's calming, supportive influence provided an invaluable space in which to recognise my own potential.”

    Rachel is a warm and talented doctor who used her time with Caroline to explore her long-term career aspirations and to learn how to squeeze more joy out of everyday life. Rachel was starting to question whether a career in medicine was really for her… Through some 1:1 mentoring Rachel discovered her core values in life, applied to go part-time with her medical work and has started training in another field that brings her even more joy!

  • “My VIP day with Caroline was a game changer for me. I have so little time to be still and focus on me, my values and what my goals are (short term and long term). The time I spent with Caroline helped me to stop and re-focus and also gave me some great tools to help me find my way through daily challenges. It was a truly life-changing experience.”

    Karen is a woman who is doing it all! A high-powered legal warrior, a strong and agile fitness goddess and a warm and wonderful mother to her amazing little girl. She’s also the most inspiring, honest and brave woman you could ever meet. She came to work with Caroline in 2017 to help her manage the balance of all the amazing things she does in her life and to explore her vision for her future.

  • “I was diagnosed with mental and physical exhaustion by the GP and working with Caroline meant I didn't need to take the medication they were trying to prescribe. Caroline helped me to work on some of the mindset issues that helped me to deal with my company growth in a much better way.”

    When she first came to work with Caroline in 2010, Fiona was a property entrepreneur working in the East of England, with a small portfolio in the United States. She was suffering with entrepreneurial burnout and struggling with her work-life balance… After working with Caroline for just a few sessions she felt able to make some key changes in her life and has since gone on to scale her business to the next level!

  • “I’d love to let the world know how brilliant Caroline is, she was my catalyst to get going! Working with Caroline enabled me to see where I was stuck and listening to my own constant chitter chatter and believing it. By having things to work on through the week before our next call, I was able to make small changes consistently which turn into big changes in no time. It’s like a friendly 'kick up the bum' you'll be forever grateful for!”

    Sam is a busy mother with a successful Interior Design Business. She had a dream of featuring in a glossy home magazine one day! With the help of The Joyful Doctor she not only realised that dream within a few months but has now gone on to be regularly featured in many of the top design magazines of the day…

  • “It was great to work with Caroline, during a time when I was seeking to change my career. During the sessions she helped me realise how to face my fears and tackle my objectives. Caroline was really friendly and approachable, and was excellent at listening. Her enthusiasm to help people is immense and I would recommend her to anyone seeking change in their life.”


  • “Caroline helped me to see my potential”

    Chris is a ridiculously talented IT Engineer who has worked on lots of cool projects for some pretty big brands. He started working with Caroline after they met and started dating… Caroline helped him to design his dream career working for himself, which leaves him more time to spend with his wonderful family! Win-win! 😊