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Michelle Downer



Are you looking for a new challenge? Maybe a career change due to illness or other life hurdles? Or maybe just feeling stuck and not sure where to go next? Then I would love to help you.

I am Michelle, an experienced GP, mentor and appraiser based in Edinburgh, and I'm passionate about helping you to reach your goals.

In my life, I've moved both continents and career paths many times due to family commitments and health issues. Once a paediatrician, now a GP, I have had the challenge of juggling work with family and my own well-being so I honestly know how hard it is to maintain a healthy work life balance as a healthcare professional.

Sometimes we all need a helping hand - maybe a shift in mindset or some gentle encouragement to embrace a challenge even if it might seem daunting or unachievable at first.

As your coach, I am keen to support you over any hurdles in your personal and professional life, to help you along your journey to reach your goals in a positive and pragmatic way.










Location: Edinburgh, UK

Background:  Experienced GP, mentor and appraiser 

Specialist areas: A new challenge? Maybe a career change? I'm passionate about helping you to reach your goals.  



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