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Dr Giles P Croft


Hi, I’m Giles. After qualifying with joint honours (Medicine & Psychology) I trained as a surgeon in the Yorkshire region, specialising in Orthopaedics, before leaving the NHS in 2003 to pursue other avenues.

My path took me from health informatics to policy advising, from employment to self-employment, from riding across Europe solo to freelance cycling journalism, from keynote speaking to opening a high street shop with my wife… and from treating symptoms, to tackling the root cause of our human suffering.

You see, in all that seeking for the 'right' career, I finally came to understand that happiness truly is an inside job. I saw that the source of our discontent (and all the harmful effects of stress) is a simple, innocent misunderstanding of how our minds work.

I recognised that the feelings we crave - security, peace of mind, belonging, wellbeing, enthusiasm, love, connection - are not aspirational goals to be pursued, but the simple fact of who, and what, we already are.

So if you’ve had enough of techniques and strategies; of adding more and more to that list of personal 'fixes', then maybe you’re ready to begin subtracting, unlearning and letting go of some of the habitual practices - both mental and physical - that you know are holding you back.

Non-judgmental, insight-provoking, life-transforming 1:1 sessions are held remotely by video call, or in person out in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons.

Joy awaits you!




Location: Abergavenny, South Wales

Background: Psychology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Health Informatics, Sports Journalism, Writing, Public Speaking, Workshop facilitation, Transformative Coaching

Specialist areas: Mindset, Insight-based coaching, Exploring human nature, Innate health, Solutions to stress-related issues and over-thinking




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