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Dr Adam Harrison


I qualified as a doctor in 2000, eventually specialising in general practice, but have diversified professionally since qualifying as a barrister in 2014.

I now enjoy a varied portfolio which, although it still includes some urgent primary care practice, is mainly comprised of medical leadership, mentor and educator roles e.g. Medical Lead of an NHS urgent care centre, LMC Vice-Chair, GP appraiser, GP Registrar Supervisor etc. I absolutely love the support and development roles I currently have.

I worked as an Assistant Medical Director for NHS England specialising in the regulatory and disciplinary processes relating to GPs and dentists, but when I left this post in April 2018, I underwent a ‘course’ of leadership coaching which I found invaluable. It was this that made me want to coach doctors, especially those who are burning / burnt out or going through the stressful disciplinary GMC / NHS England disciplinary processes.

I have known joy in some of my roles so I know it can be achieved! I would now like to help as many of my doctor colleagues experience happiness in their jobs as I possibly can.

May the joy be with you!




Location: Australia

Background: GP, medical leadership, mentor and educator

Specialist areas: Doctors approaching / suffering from burnout; medicolegal issues, especially doctors ‘in difficulty’ as a result of GMC / NHSE disciplinary processes




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