Joyful Doctor Training

Our selection of Joyful Doctor Training courses are hand picked by The Joyful Doctor's founder, Dr Caroline Walker, to help achieve our goal of supporting as many doctors as possible to find joy in their work and in their lives.


A picture is worth a thousand words


Healing yourself and others through art.

Designed by Dr Caroline Walker, the Founder of The Joyful Doctor, this course contains many skills and secrets that will help you to navigate the often troubled waters of being a doctor in the modern world.

Welcome to your more joyful life.

Courses to change your perspective.

Let's get you thinking about the changes you want to make, and how you can start to make those changes today.

All of our trainers are especially selected to give you the best experience possible. Where we have several trainers available for a course we will offer you the choice so you can choose the trainer that best suits your event.


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