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Rachel Milne

Dr Rachel Milne


Hi I’m Rachel and I’m a doctor specialising in Psychiatry.

Originally from Scotland, I completed medical training there before taking some time to locum, travel and teach. I am currently living and working in London.

I have been able to identify with the feeling many doctors express of 'being on a conveyor belt'. With work related pressures on our time it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees when it comes to what we want most out of life. Coaching enabled me to take back control of what was important to me, allowing me to regain perspective and contentment.

I am excited to share this exploration of your own goals with you, together putting these center stage, so that you too can experience the joy that comes with shifting back into the drivers’ seat and living your dreams as your reality.




Location: London, UK

Background: Psychiatrist, therapist, teacher, mentor, coach

Specialist areas: Prioritising your goals and enabling you to live them




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