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A not-for-profit venture showcasing the work of Doctor-Artists, encouraging doctors to heal through creativity, and helping struggling doctors to access support when they need it most

Mini-Men for Mental Health

Dr Julia Baxendine-Jones

Julia is a talented Pathologist with a passion for creating quirky photographic art using miniature railway figures.  She loves using humour and perspective to change minds and reduce stigma around mental health.

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Dr Jennifer Harris

Jennifer combines piano with alternative pop and electronic sounds to produce music as compulsive as it is uplifting.  Her expanding portfolio also includes some spectacular pieces of photography and modern art.

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Pet Paintings

Dr Julia Baxendine-Jones

Alongside her photographic art Julia has a passion for recreating photographs of beloved pets using acrylic paints and painted fabric to create vibrant 3-dimensional portraits.  Commissions are always welcomed!

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