Helping doctors do their best work


Do you have problems with retention and rota gaps?

Are you struggling to meet targets and maintain a high standard of care for your patients? Many Trusts, agencies and GP surgeries are increasingly finding this difficult - but there is a solution.

If you want your doctors performing at their best, and truly enjoying their work so they want to continue in their role, then it’s vital that you support them in their highly pressurised jobs.



I’m Caroline Walker

I founded The Joyful Doctor to help organisations to support their doctors to prioritise their personal health and wellbeing.  This allows doctors to take better care of their patients, take less time off and improve their performance in the workplace.



In the UK, almost 25% of trainees, and 20% of trainers, say they feel burnout because of their jobs.

[The GMC National Training Survey, 2018]

 I’ve seen and experienced the pressures of the job which so often lead to anxiety, low mood and burnout. This not only impacts on doctors' performance at work but often spills over into their personal lives leading to friction in relationships, ill health and even suicide.

It’s time doctors are given a safe place to open up and be given support without fear of being judged or villainised.

Through workshops, training days, reflective group work and keynote speeches we help many organisations better value their doctors' wellbeing.

I provide training opportunities on preventative measures, as well as communication skills and strategies for doctors to prioritise their needs for improved physical and mental health.




Don't let your doctors struggle on without support.

Let us help you.






We are in the business of care and compassion, so why not help your doctors thrive in the workplace so they can better care for patients and enjoy their work again.

Are you concerned about an individual doctor who is struggling and not sure how to best support them?  CLICK HERE


  • Times, dates and locations to suit you
  • Range of topics and excellent trainers
  • Bespoke trainings tailored to the needs of your doctors

  • Fun, engaging and memorable learning

  • A powerful catalyst for cultural change
  • Consistently fantastic feedback

  • Half-day and full-day options

  • From £297 + VAT   


Online Courses

  • For your doctors to learn at their own pace, on any device
  • Topics range from improved wellbeing to career guidance & more
  • Support your doctors to learn and reflect in the comfort of their own home or at work
  • Easy way to support doctors who are geographically dispersed
  • Engaging video-based formats with downloadable PDFs
  • Significant group discounts
  • From £79 inc VAT / course


Groups + Retreats

  • Just the space your doctors need to reflect and learn together
  • Connect your doctors to share, support and reflect together in a safe and productive space
  • Regular reflective groups or one-off options available
  • Intensive half-day and full-day retreats
  • Online groups available for geographically dispersed doctors
  • £Variable, on enquiry 



  • Inspire and inform your doctors from the stage
  • We offer acclaimed speakers on a range of topics related to Doctors' Wellbeing and medical careers
  • Bespoke talks created to meet the needs of your audience
  • Groups from as small as 5 up to 300+
  • LIVE! Virtual speeches available on request
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  • “What you had to say made me feel so much more hopeful about the future. You're pretty amazing!”


  • “In a profession, where the challenges are so many and the support so little, the work you are doing is so important”


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