Doctors' Online Development Day 

 Create a Career You Love! 

 Sat 20th March- 10am-4pm 

Join us for an inspiring day of talks, interactive workshops and group coaching exercises to explore how to build your dream career.

At The Joyful Doctor we are working with more and more doctors whose careers do not follow the traditional pathway...


At our Doctors' Online Development Day our expert speakers will help you to:

  • build a more flexible and less pressurised way of working
  • think outside the box, not just stay ‘stuck on the treadmill’
  • get specific about what you truly want from your career
  • learn how to look after your wellbeing during career change
  • develop a simple step-by-step plan for your next move

What to expect

We will be exploring how to develop a career you love!

The day will feature a combination of interactive talks, workshops and exercises, including:

  • Exploring changes in medicine – how to thrive when life doesn’t quite go to plan
  • Building a wellbeing toolkit for yourself that can keep you well whatever life throws at you
  • Positive psychology exercises designed to help you get clear, motivated and inspired to make the changes you need to make in your career

All you need is a computer and access to the Internet!



This day is for you if you are...

  • Thinking of changing career or building a portfolio career
  • Deciding whether to take a promotion, change roles or choose a specialty
  • Returning from time out of clinical practice
  • Thinking about leaving medicine
  • Looking for a better work/life balance
  • Worried about the risk of burnout
  • Wanting to explore non-clinical areas of work to ease the pressure

Come along and enjoy a few hours, just for you, to explore how to develop a career you love… And gain five hours of CPD!!

Meet your host

I am Dr Caroline Walker and I founded The Joyful Doctor.

As a psychiatrist, therapist and coach, I have specialised in the wellbeing of doctors for many years.  I am passionate about helping stressed-out doctors find ways of working (inside and outside of medicine!) that support their wellbeing first and foremost.

I have first-hand experience of how the pressures of working in medicine can impact on life through burnout, bipolar disorder and addiction.

I got tired of seeing my colleagues succumbing to the constant pressures of work - leading many to become disillusioned, depressed and in some cases even suicidal...

I had to do something!

For over ten years I have helped overworked and underappreciated doctors who struggle with their mental health or career choices to stop ‘just existing’ and instead embrace life and take steps towards a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life and career.


Meet the speakers

I have invited some inspirational 'real' doctors and coaches, who have all followed a non-traditional career path, to share their wisdom and enthusiasm with you on the day…

Dr Sarah Goulding 

GP, TPD, GP Mentor, Speaker and Coach

Wellbeing coach for doctors, passionate about meaningful career development


Dr Katya Miles

Wellbeing Trainer, GP and Occ Health Dr

Writer, trainer, and Founder of 'Working Well Doctor', passionate about wellbeing


Dr Nicki Doddridge-McCoye

Consultant Physician, Ass. Dean & Coach

Wellbeing coach for doctors, passionate about improving wellbeing for doctors



Paul Dorrington

Employment Support Specialist & Coach

Paul is passionate about creating a mentally healthy NHS workforce

Linked In: Paul Dorrington

Dr Samantha Powell

Portfolio GP and NLP Master Practitioner

Coach, passionate about helping you live the life you want

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1 What if I buy ticket but I then can't make it on the day?

Simply let us know and we will offer you a choice of a full refund or a place on a future course/event of equal value.

Question #2 Is the whole day online?

Yes - but we'll make sure we take lots of breaks and you can move about and do whatever you need to stay comfortable throughout the day.

Question #3 Will I need to have my video on?

Yes please!  We want to encourage a sense of togetherness and connection on the day, so we would like you to keep your camera on throughout the day.

Does this event qualify for CPD?

Yes, we will send you a certificate of attendance for five hours of CPD.



Here's what those who've attended previous Joyful Doctor events have to say...

  • The Joyful Doctor

    “...really special and important event!”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “Really life-affirming and gave me new ways of thinking/ approaching things”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “The friendly atmosphere made it easy to share experiences with the other speakers and attendees”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “I felt really re-energised and positive about my future afterwards”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “I just wanted to thank you again for the course and your support. You do a brilliant job”




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