Art for Wellbeing - Doctors' Retreat Day

Sun 6th Dec, 10am-4pm - ONLINE

A day to focus on your wellbeing as a doctor, through the joyful use of the creative arts...

Please join us for an inspiring and rejuvenating day of wellbeing activities, with like-minded doctors - all curious about the healing power of art and creativity.

No talent or experience needed!

Just come along and relax into the day, full of music, art, poetry and writing...


What to expect

We will be exploring how positive psychology, arts and creativity can reduce our stress levels and improve our wellbeing as doctors.

The day will feature a combination of workshops and exercises, including:

  • An art appreciation workshop
  • Creative life coaching exercises
  • A creative writing workshop
  • Filling up our own Joyful Gratitude Jars
  • A specially commissioned Spoken Word performance
  • Original music and songs

All you need is a computer, access to the Internet, some blank paper and pens, and a small empty jar or container of some sort.

Early bird tickets are on sale now for just £49 (half price) if you book before 20th November!

Who is this for?

  • Has your medical career left little room to explore the artistic hobbies you love the most?
  • Are you desperate to bring some more creativity into your day-to-day life as a doctor?
  • Are you juggling a career as a doctor alongside family life and other roles?
  • Are you looking for a more interesting way to gain some CPD points in this time of COVID?

Then come along and enjoy a few hours, just for you, to explore and nurture your wellbeing through art...



Meet your host

I am Dr Caroline Walker and I founded The Joyful Doctor.

As a psychiatrist, therapist and coach, I have specialised in the wellbeing of doctors for many years.  I am passionate about helping stressed-out doctors find ways of working (inside and outside of medicine!) that support their wellbeing first and foremost.

I love being creative!  I am a keen writer, paper-crafter, cross-stitcher and I enjoy poetry, art and music in many forms.

I created Joyful Doctor Art as a branch of The Joyful Doctor, to support doctors who are artists to express themselves fully and joyfully.  We raise funds to help doctors who are struggling to access confidential support when they need it most.

Over 95% of our profits at The Joyful Doctor go towards helping struggling doctors access support.  So, if you come along to this day - it will not only help you - it will help other doctors who are struggling too.  Thank you!



Meet the speakers

I have invited some inspirational 'real' doctors and artists to share their talents and joy of creativity with you on this special day...


Dr Rebecca Winterborn

Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Perform Coach

 Singer/song-writer, saxophonist, PTSD survivor and mental health campaigner


Dr Jessi Tucker

Emergency Medicine               Speciality Doctor

Writer, Spoken Word Artist, conservationist and 'Cancer in the time of COVID' blogger


Dr Nicki Doddridge-McCoy

Consultant Physician, Associate Dean & Coach

Wellbeing coach for doctors, passionate about improving wellbeing through creativity


Dr Julia Baxendine-Jones

Associate Specialist       Cytopathologist

Keen photographer, multi-material artist, Head of Joyful Doctor Art and anti-stigma campaigner


Dr Sarah Goulding 

GP, TPD, GP Mentor, Speaker and Coach

Wellbeing coach for doctors, passionate about meaningful career development


Dr Katya Miles

Wellbeing Trainer, GP and Occ Health Doctor

Writer, trainer, and Founder of 'Working Well Doctor', passionate about creativity and wellbeing


Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1 Do I need to be creative?

No!  We will be taking you through some fun creative exercises on the day but you do not need any previous experience or talent to participate and benefit!

Question #2 What if I buy ticket but I then can't make it on the day?

Simply let us know and we will offer you a choice of a full refund or a place on a future course/event of equal value.

Question #3 Is the whole day online?

Yes - but we'll make sure we take lots of breaks and you can move about and do whatever you need to stay comfortable throughout the day.

Question #4 Will I need to have my video on?

Yes please!  We want to encourage a sense of togetherness and connection on the day, so we would like you to keep your camera on throughout the day.



Hear what those who've attended previous Joyful Doctor events have to say...

  • The Joyful Doctor

    “...really special and important event!”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “Really life-affirming and gave me new ways of thinking/ approaching things”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “The friendly atmosphere made it easy to share experiences with the other speakers and attendees”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “I felt really re-energised and positive about my future afterwards”


  • The Joyful Doctor

    “I just wanted to thank you again for the course and your support. You do a brilliant job”